Eline W.

I really do love those amazing people in Steve Reid Foundation. It’s awesome that many people are encouraged to do music and to take a career in this industry even if they have disabilities. I want you to know that these sickness or conditions are not going to be a hindrance in your dreams. Let your talents be recognized and let your skills improved without thinking about your disability. Anyone is free when it comes to music and I really support you all. I hope that they will continue doing their passion and just become the musicians and artists they want to be.

Kathleen L.

I support these people as well. It’s great to know that music is loved by many people and that there are so many humans out there who still keep pursuing their dream even with their condition. I always love music and it’s amazing that many people get encouragement and inspiration from it. I want them to continue doing what they are doing. Other than that, I hope they will get better so that they can continue doing music longer. They must not be just positive with their dream but also to their health.

Tricia P.

I am amazed by the number of people who support these children and adults in our foundation. It was hard to reach out to these people since most of them sometimes have already given up when we first met them. However, with the help of our organization and the people who give them moral support, they got a lot of courage and motivation. They have really improved a lot and got better. Their confidence and dedication got so much better compared to the past and we are happy about that. It’s all thanks to the people who kept supporting our foundation and the people we help.