Steve Reid Foundation was founded and created as a tribute to Steve Reid, an astounding musician, an artist who died because of cancer. We, his fellow musicians are more than just proud and inspired by his works, his music, and of course, his dedication in this industry. We wanted to do something for him and at the same time, help people like him who suffer from illnesses or disabilities but still want to pursue music. Steven Reid Foundation was first just an organization to inspire other people with music. From then, we evolved into crafting programs that encourage people to continue their passion for music.

It all started one time when we encountered someone who suffered the same thing as Steve Reid. The little girl we met was good at playing the piano but she was diagnosed with cancer as well. She was persistent in playing this instrument and that made our hearts warm. The organization then started doing more projects and activities for people like her and Steve Reid. We focused on the people and children who wanted to pursue music and become great musicians and artists in the future. That is when our foundation started and until today, we still continue doing what we’ve done years ago.

We wanted to be a good example to children and other individuals. Other than that, we want them to continue their love for music and be the person they want to be in the future. If they want to pursue their passion for music, we want to be there and guide them to their future. We want to improve their skills and talents and let them know that their condition is not something they should worry about when pursuing their dream. Steve Reid Foundation will be here for our aspiring musicians and artists for as long as we can.